Civil Law

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Real estate

  • Assistance in the purchase, sale and rental of residential and commercial real estate, real estate developments, public deeds and examination of various documents;

Family law and probate

  • We provide services in the area of ​​Family and Succession law;

  • Judicial and Consensual Separation and Litigation;

  • Recognition and Dissolution of Stable Union;

  • Divorce;

  • Judicial sharing;

  • Food Action;

  • Pension executions;

  • Guard and Regulation of Visits;

  • Adoption;

  • Counseling in cases of family estate succession

Consumer law

  • Administrative defense in consumer protection bodies;

  • Filing of damages for moral and material damages;

  • Refund of amounts unduly paid;

  • Preparation and contractual analysis of consumer relations; Review of consumer contracts;

  • Defense or imputation of liability;

  • Risk prevention consultations against the Consumer Protection Code