Labor Law

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The Pontes Viera Advogados law firm acts in the field of labor rights defense in a preventive and contentious manner, seeking to conduct a thorough consultative analysis regarding the employment relationship between employer and employee.


Guiding and proposing the best resolution for the defense of labor interests. We understand that as labor lawyers it is essential to maintain equality in the employment relationship and to provide such, our office has a structure designed to provide legal assistance in the following cases:

  • Preparation of judicial defenses and appeals;

  • Procedural monitoring; Preparation of labor claims;

  • Preventive advice to the human resources department;

  • Advice on the conclusion of judicial and extrajudicial agreements;

  • Administrative defense with the supervisory bodies;

  • Identification of inappropriate administrative procedures and the adoption of measures that reduce the company's exposure to labor claims.

Preventive Labor Area

We operate in companies aiming to ascertain the risks inherent in the production process, preventing occupational accidents, aiming to take preventive measures.


We advise to reduce the risk of labor claims and indemnity actions.


We elaborate:

  • Consultation and advice (identification of inappropriate administrative procedures and the adoption of measures that reduce the company's exposure to labor claims);

  • Analysis, drafting and amendment of contracts;

  • Labor audit; Collective Bargaining (Union and Regional Labor Office)

Litigation Labor Area

Preventive measures are not always taken properly or at the right time. In this context, we act effectively in all labor litigation, filing labor claims, class actions, public civil actions, among others as:

  • Judicial actions; Preparation of defenses and procedural monitoring;

  • Resources;

  • Execution;

  • Oral Support in the Regional Labor Courts, the Superior Labor Court and the Federal Supreme Court; Termination of employment contract;

  • Collective Bargaining (legal, economic and strike);

  • We carry out procedural follow-up, including participation in hearings, preparation of procedural documents;

  • In preparatory and investigative procedures related to the Ministry;

  • Labor Public and administrative proceedings, related to labor inspection, defenses and administrative resources arising from actions;

  • We advise on the preparation of judicial and extrajudicial agreements, aiming to avoid reducing the labor liabilities of companies.