Foreign Investment

Empresário feliz

The Pontes Vieira Office offers Foreign Investment advice to the most varied businesses in the Brazilian market. In order to provide the best strategy for the client assisting in administrative and legal operations.


Under Brazilian law, investment from foreign capital to be internalized in the country receives, with few exceptions, the same legal treatment as domestic investment. But it is necessary to pay attention to certain formalities specific to each type of operation to be practiced in Brazil.


All financial resources need to go through a special registration process, which must be done within the time limit set by law. Foreign financial transactions also have to go through the same process as registration. That is, it is not just the investment inflow that needs to be recorded, but also all foreign currency remittances and income outflows to other countries.


In view of these facts, the team at Pontes Vieira Advogados provides the most diverse services to ensure safety, speed and legality of operations.

Among the services provided, we can mention:

  • Company Incorporation in Brazil - legal and administrative advice on the constitution of companies and branches in Brazil;

  • Operation Structuring - determines the tax and customs impact of operations;

  • Tax planning - detects taxes on entry and return on investments in Brazil;

  • Registration of Foreign Investment - Advisory with the Central Bank of Brazil in the inflow and return of capital.