To meet the growing demand of new clients, startups, Brazilian and foreign, we at Pontes Vieira Advogados have decided to create an environment dedicated to them on our website.


To us, startups are innovative, high-growth, technology-related, disruptive power companies, be they medtech (health technology), cleantech (green technology), biotech (biotechnology), fintech (finance technology), or still industrial companies.


Pontes Vieira Advogados has legal assistance plans specially designed for startups, adapted to the size of your company, its stage of operation and the type of technology it focuses on.


Among the various types of services we offer, we mention:

Business Startup

● Drafting of the social contract

● Registration of the startup in the competent bodies

● Advice on choosing the tax regime

● Drafting Agreement between partners (Partners or Shareholders Agreement)

● Drafting of Confidentiality Agreements

● Brand Protection


● Drafting Contract with Customers and Partners

● Analysis of the corporate impact of operations

● Analysis of tax and labor aspects in hiring employees

● Opening of branches

● Vesting Contract Drafting

● Convertible Mutual Contract Drafting

● Labor impact analysis of the operation

● Analysis of operations according to the Consumer Code and Internet Civil Framework


● Legal advice on the acquisition or sale of corporate shares

● International Contract Writing

● Analysis and writing of contracts with angel investors

● Raising capital through crowdfunding structures

● Analysis and drafting of joint ventures

● Advice and advise on the international expansion of your business, through monitoring and opening the company outside Brazil through our partners around the world.